A Fiscally Conservative voice for the Montana Legislature.

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Fighting for all Montanan's

Caleb served his state and country in the Montana Army National Guard as an 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman. He has also over the past 10 years fought for a more free and fiscally conservative Montana at the grassroots level. 

The Platform

110% Pro Life

Caleb is committed to protecting life at all stages. 

2nd Amendment

Caleb believes the Constitution should be considered unwavering in its interpretation. The 2nd Amendment is the foundation of our rights. 

Caleb has also been endorsed by the MONTANA SHOOTING SPORTS ASSOCIATION!

Fiscally Responsible budgets.

Especially after this State forced a loss of employment, you deserve to keep your money earned! Montana is likely going to face a revenue shortfall, and pressure for tax increases. Caleb will stand strong to resist tax increases and trim out wasteful spending, making Montana more fiscally responsible!

Caleb has also been endorsed by MONTANAN'S FOR LIMITED GOVERNMENT!

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